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Why Sign?

More than three decades of scientific research (funded by National Institute of Health) has proven that communicating with your baby through sign positively affects the following areas:

Social-emotional development 

Reduces tears, tantrums, & frustration. Allows babies to share their worlds, giving them a sense of pride and therefore boosting self-esteem and self-confidence.

Intellectual development

By the time they were 2, Baby Signs® babies had significantly larger vocabularies than their non-signing peers and by the time they were 8,  children who used the Baby Signs® Program scored significantly higher on IQ tests as well.

Stimulates language development

Just as a child who learns to crawl is more motivated to learn to walk, a child who learns to sign is more motivated to learn to talk! 


Why the Baby Signs® Program is the Best
  • It is the only program based on 30 years of scientific research and created by child development experts

  • It was the very first sign language program designed specifically for hearing babies

  • Based on American Sign Language with baby-friendly modifications- it is the only one that's flexible to fit any family

  • It is also the only program that addresses how children on the autism spectrum, or with special needs, can benefit from sign language 

  • The Baby Signs® program has a complete line of educational tools and materials available, to enhance learning


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