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           >WELCOME! - New Baby Signs® play classes added for 2024!             

>Monthly Parent Workshops & ECE training available

Did you know, that well before they are able to talk, babies and toddlers can communicate what they want, need and even feel, through sign language? Until their little bodies are developed enough for speech, the main way a baby can communicate is through crying. 


Imagine being able to understand when your 14-month-old has a tummy ache. Or if your 10-month-old is afraid of the dark.  Sign language takes the guesswork out of your little one's tears, eases their frustration and enables you to be a part of their world.



Watch my 1st student,Violet, use 10 signs! She's amazing

Meet Tracee

Hello! My name is Tracee and I am excited to be an independent certified instructor of the Baby Signs® Program, in the Sacramento valley!  I have been an educator of young children in the school system, for over 15 years and have consistently used sign language in every one of my classrooms, from infants to teenagers, both verbal and nonverbal - because it works! 

    Currently, I teach babies and toddlers to sign in a fun, play group setting and offer interactive workshops for parents.  I also work with early childhood educators, childcare centers and non-profit organizations from Placerville to Stockton, by teaching them how to use sign language in their facilities. Whether you are a parent who wants to communicate with your little one, long before they are able to use words, or an early childhood educator who wants to reduce behaviors and better connect with the students in your classroom, sign language is the answer, and I can show you how!

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